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100+ Spam Words to avoid and land in inbox in 2024

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David Chastanet
Email Deliverability Expert

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100 spam words to avoid

Why are my emails going to spam? It's a perennial question that has plagued email marketers and businesses alike. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of email deliverability and unveil a curated list of 100+ spam words to avoid if you want to steer clear of the spam folder in 2024. While we focus on English spam words, it is crucial to recognize that spam words exist in various languages, each one with its unique set of trigger words.

Drawing on insights gained over the past two years, MailReach has meticulously gathered and analyzed data from tens of thousands of email deliverability tests. This extensive analysis has enabled us to pinpoint the most common reasons emails find themselves relegated to the spam folder in the current year.

As you navigate through this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of spam-trigger words to avoid. Additionally, the choice of words is not the only matter that affects email deliverability. Punctuation, aggressive use of uppercase letters and vibrant colors can also play a significant role on your email deliverability.

Our goal is to empower you with actionable insights and solutions to ensure your emails land exactly where they belong – in the recipient's inbox, fostering better engagement and maximizing the impact of your email campaigns. You can also find more information in our full guide about why are your emails going to spam.

Impact of Spam Words on Email Deliverability 

Understanding the impact of spam words on email deliverability is important for any sender aiming to land successfully in the inbox. Email deliverability is contingent upon three crucial pillars

  • the content of your emails, 
  • your sender reputation
  • and also your chosen email service provider

In this way, spam words play a pivotal role within the content of your emails. The battle between your email's content, your sender reputation and the service provider's policies determines whether your message finds a coveted spot in the recipient's inbox or faces exile to the spam folder. 

It is crucial to recognize that while the presence of spam words can influence deliverability, it is not the sole determinant. If your email features spam words but is sent through a reputable Email Service Provider (ESP) and your sender reputation remains sterling, there is still a chance to secure inbox placement.

Comprehensive List of Spam Words to Avoid in 2024 

Our categorized list includes a spectrum of spam words carefully classified into distinct segments. From sales and marketing-related words that might trigger alarm bells for spam filters to financial terms that require a nuanced approach, we've compiled them in a detailed list. Urgency and pressure-inducing words find their place in a separate category, along with unethical expressions that could tarnish your sender reputation.

Recognizing the subtle nuances of these categories empowers you to craft emails that resonate positively with your audience and avoid the pitfalls that could inadvertently lead your emails into the spam box

  • Sales and Marketing Related Spam Words : Buy Now, Act Fast, Buy Now, Limited Time Offer, Amazing, Cash, Bonus, Double Your Income, Earn Extra Cash, Free Investment, Great Offer …
  • Financial Spam Words : Affordable, Bargain, Cheap, Cost, Credit, Debt, Discount, Fast Cash, Hidden …
  • Urgency and Pressure Inducing Spam Words : Act Now, Apply Now, Don’t Delete, Exclusive Deal, Final Deadline, Instant, Urgent, Limited Supply, Once in a Lifetime, Quick …
  • Shady or Unethical Spam Words : 100% Satisfied, Click Below, Hidden, Home Based, Lose Weight, Multi-level Marketing, Not Spam, Reverses Aging, This Isn't a Scam, Winner …
  • Miscellaneous Spam Words : Additional Income, As Seen On, Cancel at Any Time, Compare, Double Your Income, Explode Your Business, Full Refund, Guarantee, Meet Singles, No Strings Attached …

Remember : while these words may trigger spam filters, context matters ! Crafting emails that provide genuine value and engage your audience in a transparent manner is key to maintaining a positive sender reputation and achieving successful email deliverability.

Any word can become a spam word : true or false ? 

In the realm of contemporary email filtering powered by machine learning, the assertion that any word can potentially transform into a spam trigger holds true. This reality is underscored by the sheer volume and diversity of spam words that often elude our awareness. The dynamic nature of spam identification relies heavily on the collective behavior of users and the adaptability of spam filters.

Consider a scenario where spammers launch a large-scale campaign featuring the term "Crypto," inundating inboxes across the digital landscape. If a significant number of recipients report these emails as spam, the word "Crypto" could swiftly transition from a normal term to a flagged spam word. The essence of this evolution lies in the association forged by spam filters and algorithms, linking the reported term with the undesirable characteristics of spam.

This illustrates a fundamental aspect of how modern spam filters operate – their ability to dynamically adapt based on user interactions and emerging patterns. While comprehensive lists of spam words exist, the fluid nature of linguistic trends and the constant evolution of spam tactics mean that any word, under some given circumstances, can become a spam word. Remember that the « 550 High Probability of Spam » email error is typically generated by the recipient's email server or inbox provider. This error is triggered when the system detects that the message you're attempting to send is likely to be classified as spam.

Strategies to Improve Email Deliverability 

Ensuring optimal email deliverability requires a proactive approach, and employing strategic measures can significantly enhance your email campaigns. Here are key strategies to improve your email deliverability

  1. Conduct Pre-Send Deliverability Testing : Prior to dispatching your emails to recipients, leverage tools like MailReach's Email Spam Test to assess your email deliverability. This test gauges your spam score and provides insights regarding the presence of potential spam words. By understanding how your emails may be perceived by spam filters, you can make informed adjustments before hitting the send button ; 
  2. Maximize Your Sender Reputation : Your sender reputation is a critical factor influencing email deliverability. To boost this reputation, particularly for cold outreach campaigns, consider utilizing an email warmer like MailReach. This helps establish a positive rapport with email service providers, ensuring your messages are more likely to reach the intended inboxes ; 
  3. Target Engaged Recipients : For email marketing campaigns, prioritize sending to your most engaged recipients. High engagement rates signal to ISPs that your content is valued by users, positively impacting your sender reputation and enhancing deliverability ; 
  4. Use Email Authentication Protocols (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) : Authenticate your emails using industry-standard protocols such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance). These protocols verify the legitimacy of your emails, building trust with ISPs and reducing the likelihood of your messages being marked as spam ; 
  5. Follow Best Practices : For a comprehensive guide on how to improve email deliverability and implement best practices, refer to our detailed guide, "How to Improve Email Deliverability." This resource provides actionable insights into content optimization, spam word avoidance, link management, and other crucial elements that impact your email deliverability. 
  6. Regularly Test Your Email Deliverability with MailReach's Spam Test : Unlike other spam checkers, MailReach provides an unbiased and reliable assessment of your inbox placement. Simply send an email under your actual sending conditions to the list of 31 inboxes provided by MailReach, and receive a detailed report on your email deliverability. This quick and effective test provides a score out of 10 along with a checklist of improvements, allowing you to adjust and optimize your email campaigns for better inbox placement ! 

Tools and Resources for Spam Word Detection

In order to avoid a false spam word detection in your emails, you need to maintain a healthy email deliverability. Using spam word checker tools, such as MailReach's Email Spam Test, offers a comprehensive approach to ensuring your email content aligns with industry standards and avoids potential pitfalls.

MailReach's tool, in particular, provides a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for assessing your emails against spam filters and algorithms. By sending a test email to a diverse set of 31 inboxes, the tool generates a detailed report, assigning a score out of 10 and highlighting areas for improvement. This includes analysis of content, spam words, links, tracking mechanisms, blacklists, and more.

Then, before sending any email campaign, you can use our spam word checker to identify and rectify potential issues. This proactive stance ensures that your emails not only comply with anti-spam regulations but also resonate positively with spam filters, ultimately enhancing your deliverability.


Here is our recap of key points concerning the spam words to avoid in 2024 to maximize your email deliverability : 

  • Proactive Testing : Regularly test your email deliverability using tools like MailReach's Email Spam Test. This ensures that you are aware of potential issues related to spam words, allowing for preemptive adjustments before your campaigns go live ; 
  • Understanding Spam Words : Acknowledge the dynamic nature of spam words. While lists exist, the evolving landscape of email filters means that any word can transform into a spam trigger based on user interactions and emerging patterns ; 
  • Strategic Email Content : Craft your email content with care, avoiding common spam words and maintaining a balance between impactful communication and adherence to anti-spam regulations ; 
  • Sender Reputation Matters : Maximize your sender reputation, a critical factor in email deliverability. For cold outreach campaigns, consider using MailReach's Email Warmer to generate engagement, fostering a positive rapport with email service providers ; 
  • Implement Authentication Protocols : Implement email authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to establish the legitimacy of your emails, building trust with ISPs and reducing the likelihood of being marked as spam ; 
  • Target Engaged Recipients : Prioritize sending emails to your most engaged recipients, signaling to ISPs that your content is valued and enhancing your sender reputation ; 
  • Use MailReach's Tools : Take advantage of MailReach's suite of tools. The Email Spam Test provides a comprehensive analysis of your deliverability, and the Email Warmer is a valuable resource for optimizing engagement in cold outreach campaigns ; 
  • Ongoing Adaptation : The email landscape is dynamic, so stay informed about evolving spam trends, adjust your content accordingly, and remain proactive in maintaining a positive sender reputation.

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