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Why to Always Keep Email Warming to Maintain a Great Deliverability

damien ceo mailreach
Damien Brenelière
Co-Founder @ MailReach & Email Deliverability Expert

In this short article, you’ll find out why you should keep warming an email account that sends email campaigns to get the best email results.

why to keep warming an email account

Intro : our legitimacy to write this article.

As usual, to give credibility to what we’re saying, that’s important to mention our experience in cold emailing.

We have been doing cold emailing for 5 years and keep doing it. This is crucial to be able to develop a service that is truly effective and that really helps you.

Our track record :

  • Grew from 0€ to 120k€ Monthly Recurring Revenue in 6 months in our previous company with cold emailing as our only acquisition channel.
  • Helped raise 56M€ in funding for IPOs and seed rounds with cold emails.
  • 75% open rate on average for > 130 companies sending thousands of cold emails per month.

By default, the deliverability of an email address or domain that sends campaigns is decreasing.

Now and much more than before, one of the main factors to land in inbox versus spam is the engagement rate of your email account / domain.

This means that to reach the inbox, you need to get positive interactions to your emails.

But except if you send emails that everybody loves (which never happens), as time goes on, an address that sends email campaigns is doomed to land more and more in spam.

Most of the time, it takes several weeks.

That explains why open rates are constantly dropping for most people who send email campaigns. Even if they don’t spam.

Always warming maintains your deliverability thanks to the positive engagement generated.

Warming up only before sending is not enough.

Most people think it’s important to warm up ONLY before sending campaigns to “prepare the email address / domain for sending”.

This is a myth.

You can do a warm up during several weeks on your brand new email account to maximize its deliverability, then stop the warm up, start sending your campaigns and then land in spam after 1 month. Wasted.

You know why ? Because your ratio number of emails sent / engagement level has dropped.

Warming an account ONLY before sending your campaigns does not immunize you against spam. The engagement has to be maintained and linear.

Keep getting your emails removed from spam is a game changer.

When you’re always warming, each time your warm up emails land in spam, they’re moved to the inbox.

This important process keeps teaching the inbox providers not to send your emails to spam or to promotion folder.

It literally helps you fix you deliverability, constantly. That’s huge.

Never stop warming your inbox to maintain a high deliverability.

Reaching the inbox and staying there is a constant process of balancing your email activity with engagement : getting your emails opened, replied, removed from spam, marked as important.

This is where MailReach brings all its usefulness : by constantly balancing your email activity to make you stay in the inbox and get the best email results.

MailReach is compatible with any inbox / SMTP

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