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How to Warm Up Email Domain : The Best Tactics to Follow in 2022.

The question “How to warm up email domain” is very often asked as it is and has always been an unclear subject. Everyone wants to do well and avoid harmful mistakes to get the best email deliverability and at the end, get great email results. In this article, we’ll cover the best tactics to do a perfect email domain warm up.

Damien Brenelière
Co-Founder @ MailReach & Email Deliverability Expert
how to warm up email domain - best tactics

How to warm up email domain : why everyone is asking?

How to warm up email domain and how to warm up email account are similar questions pursue the same goal, learn how to prevent emails from going to spam.

In 2022, email deliverability is a big concern and it’s more difficult than ever to send emails to the inbox and stay there in the long run while sending email campaigns regularly.

Reaching the inbox is more difficult because of of several factors and updates.

Among all these factors, there are two which are now much more important than before: the engagement rate of your domain / email address and having your emails marked as spam.

It means two important things.

Now, if you don’t have enough engagement on the emails you send, you’re more likely to land in spam than before.

Now, when your emails are marked as spam, it damages your reputation and deliverability more than before.

And after all, that’s consistent: if you send emails that nobody opens, replies, marks as important or worse, that get reported as spam, that’s a very strong indicator that you’re sending emails that don’t interest anyone.

Then, according to spam filters and email providers, that’d be better for everyone that you land in spam.

This is why email warm up and domain warm up is useful, to help you raise your reputation.

How to warm up email domain : what does it mean ?

Warming up an email domain consists in gradually increasing the volume sent per day from this domain or email address and generating engagement to raise your sending reputation and show you’re a good sender to the inbox providers and spam filters.

Warm up your email domain and always be warming helps to avoid landing in spam and get good opening rates in the long run.

This is why in 2022 and more than ever, knowing how to warm up email domain can be a game changer to improve your deliverability.

In the next section, you’ll find precisely how to warm up email domain automatically using an email warm up tool and how to warm up email domain manually.

The two best tactics to warm up email domain in 2022.  

There are two tactics you can use to warm up email domain. The first one, which shows the best results without hassle, is the automated way : using an email warm up service. And the second one is manual.

Tactic #1 : warm up email domain 100% automatically with a service like MailReach.

Warming up your email domain using an email warm up service is raising. A lot of people are using this strategy now as it scales very well and shows great results in terms of efficiency.

How it works:

First, you need to create an account on MailReach and then connect the email address you need to warm. By warming an email address you warm the domain associated to this address.

Once your email address is connected to MailReach, the warm up process launches automatically by starting email conversations with other inboxes.

Very important, these inboxes your email address talks to are not randomly chosen, MailReach makes your email address talk to high reputation inboxes to maximize the efficiency of the warm up. Interesting, right?

MailReach will gradually increase the number of emails sent from your email address for a smooth and efficient warm up.

how to warm up email domain | mailreach email warm up tool ramp up

Each warm up email sent from your email address is human and realistic, that’s important. The email conversations are meaningful, it’s not random gibberish content that looks completely fake.

It emulates the behavior of someone reaching out about business topics who is so interesting that he gets a lot of engagement and positive replies.

Here’s an example of an email sent by MailReach.

how to warm up email domain | example of an email sent by MailReach

Here’s the reply that followed :

how to warm up email domain | example of an email sent by MailReach

Most of the emails are opened, replied positively (which is understood by Google and Microsoft), marked as important and removed from spam when needed.

All along the process, MailReach adapts to make sure your email address is perfectly warmed and its activity is well balanced.

This automated way helps to warm up email domain by following the absolute best practices without having to worry about it nor spend time doing it.

You wanted to know how to warm up email domain ? This is the most efficient tactic. Now let’s look at the other one that still can show good results if done properly.

Tactic #2 : warm up email domain manually.

If you’re not ready to pay for an email warm up service, you can decide to do it the manual way. But you will need more resources and time, get ready!

What you need to warm up email domain manually

  • Ideally, a list of email addresses you own with a good reputation and aged domains on various providers (Gmail, Outlook, etc).
  • If not, a group of friends ready to reply to your emails

The theory to warm up email domain manually

Basically, when your domain is new, you want to show the world (the big email providers) that you’re a good, interesting person who has a lot of friends with great reputation.

To demonstrate this, the best way is to gradually send emails to high reputation addresses and get engagement from them.

By engagement we mean getting your emails opened, replied, marked as important and removed from spam (if you landed in spam, which usually happens sometimes when your domain is new and “on probation”).

A high reputation email address can be :

  • A professional email address on an aged domain (2 years+) that manually sends normal emails (no or very few campaigns) and get a lot of replies.
  • An aged personal email used to send normal emails and get a lot of replies. Typically, your old personal gmail or hotmail address or the ones of your friends and family are good examples of high reputation addresses.


Start by sending manually around 5 emails to high reputation addresses you own or owned by people you know and ask them to open the email, reply, mark as important and remove from spam if needed.

The next day, send 10 emails following the same process.

The following days add 10 more emails per day until you reach 100 daily.

Depending on the daily volume you plan to send, ramp up by adding 30% more emails daily until you reach your goal.

Keep in mind, there’s no exact number on this. The main goal to aim is to have a linear growth curve. Avoid peaks.

How to warm up email domain : conclusion

Warming up your email domain is important to build trust with email providers and get good results from your email campaigns.

Using an email warm up service like MailReach can help you automate the process, optimize it and make sure to do it the most efficient way.

But you can also do it with your own hands and expect good results if you manage to generate a good amount of engagement from high reputation email addresses.

In all cases, keep in mind that it’s very important to keep warming your email domain and email address over time and not just doing a temporary warm up to maintain your deliverability in the long run by generating engagement and removing your emails from spam.

MailReach is compatible with any inbox / SMTP

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