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RATS-Dyna Blacklist : How to remove yourself ?

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The RATS-Dyna Blacklist by SpamRats is listing IP addresses flagged as spam or trying to deliver emails to addresses that don't even exist.

RATS-Dyna Blacklist

Ever heard of the RATS-Dyna Blacklist ? It's like being on the naughty list for email servers. If you're on it, your emails might not be getting through like they should. But don't worry, we're here to help.

RATS stands for Real-time Blackhole List, and Dyna for Dynamic. Essentially, it's a list that email servers use to identify and block spammy or suspicious email senders. If you end up on this blacklist, it could mean your emails aren't reaching their intended recipients, which can be a real hassle, especially if you're running a business or relying on email for important communications.

But getting off the RATS-Dyna Blacklist is totally doable. It involves a few steps, including identifying the root cause of why you got blacklisted in the first place, taking action to fix it, and then requesting removal from the blacklist. 

➡️ What’s RATS Dyna Blacklist ?
➡️ How does the RATS Dyna Blacklist work ?
➡️ How to remove yourself from it ? 

In this guide, we'll explain what the RATS-Dyna Blacklist is all about and then walk you through the steps to remove yourself from it. It's not as complicated as it sounds !

What’s RATS Dyna Blacklist ?

The RATS-Dyna Blacklist, by SpamRats, is a constantly updated roster of IP addresses flagged for either flooding inboxes with loads of spam or trying to deliver emails to addresses that don't even exist. 

It mainly focuses on IPs that act like they're in a spam-filled neighborhood, which usually includes ones linked to home internet connections or those with temporary addresses that change frequently.

Here are the key characteristics of the RATS Dyna Blacklist : 

➡️ Focuses on IP addresses with high spam activity ;
➡️ Targets also IP addresses attempting to send mail to non-existent users ;
➡️ The blacklisted elements are often linked to malware, viruses, or trojans.

How does the RATS Dyna Blacklist work ?

The RATS Dyna Blacklist operates by using special filters to keep an eye on IP addresses that are up to no good in the email world. Its main job is to keep users safe from online dangers by putting a stop to IPs that could potentially cause harm or put data security at risk. Nothing more. 

Here's how it works :

➡️ The RATS Dyna Blacklist keeps a close watch on email traffic, looking out for signs of spammy behavior. ;
➡️ If it detects anything suspicious, like too many connection attempts or trying to send emails to fake addresses, it doesn't hesitate to blacklist those pesky IPs ;
➡️ Plus, it's smart enough to recognize patterns that hint at IPs belonging to dynamic or home internet connections, thanks to some nifty reverse DNS tricks.

If you are confused between the different type of RATS listings, here is a brief overview of all of them : 

💡 RATS-Spam Blacklist : Analyzes and lists IPs with spam traps or spam-like activities ;
💡 RATS-NoPtr : Lists IPs lacking proper reverse DNS setup ;
💡 RATS-Auth : Targets IPs linked to authentication-based attacks or password guessing.

If you’re listed on RATS Dyna, run a free spam test now

If you find yourself on the RATS Dyna Blacklist, you need to check where your emails end up landing. Turns out, the big players like Google and Microsoft, who handle the majority of email inboxes, don't really pay much attention to external blacklists when deciding where your emails go. So, the real deal is testing your email deliverability, which gives you the true picture.

💡 Whether you're blacklisted or not, the bottom line is where your emails end up in the inboxes you're targeting. Everything else is just secondary.

To gauge how well your emails are doing and make any necessary tweaks, you need to assess your deliverability. But not all tools out there are reliable for this job. That's where MailReach's Free Email Spam Test comes in handy. Unlike other tools that might be biased or unreliable, MailReach gives you an accurate measure of your inbox placement.

Simply send an email (like you normally would) to a list of 31 different inboxes provided by MailReach. Then, sit back and wait for the detailed report on your deliverability.

You’ll get a score out of 10 and a breakdown of everything from content and spam words to links, tracking, and even blacklists.

It's the perfect way to ensure your emails are hitting the mark and landing where they should !

Free Email Spam Test and Checker

How to avoid being listed on RATS Dyna ?

To steer clear of getting flagged on the RATS Dyna Blacklist, there are a few key steps to follow : 

Double-Check Email Addresses : Before hitting “send”, make sure all the email addresses you're reaching out to are legit. Sending emails to invalid or non-existent addresses is a surefire way to get on the blacklist ;
Keep a reasonable Email Volume : Don't go overboard with the number of emails you're sending out, especially if you're using a new or freshly warmed-up email service. Stick to a reasonable volume, like 30-50 emails per day, particularly if you've been warming up your inbox with a service for at least a month ;
Watch Your Language and don’t use spam words : Be mindful of the words and phrases you use in your emails. Stay away from anything that screams "spam" to avoid triggering those pesky filters. And don't flood inboxes with unnecessary messages
Configuration Counts : Make sure your mail server is properly configured with a professional and static reverse DNS/PTR record, which helps establish your server's credibility and reduces the chances of being flagged as spam !

You can request to be removed from RATS Dyna !

If you find out that your IP address has made its way onto the RATS Dyna Blacklist, don't panic. Here is how you can request to be removed from it : 

➡️ Check your IP address status : Start by verifying if your IP is indeed listed on the RATS Dyna Blacklist. You can do this using their official lookup tool, which will give you the lowdown on your current status ;
➡️ Fix reverse DNS : Ensure that your IP's reverse DNS/PTR record is set up correctly to reflect a professional and static mail server configuration (this step adds credibility to your server and can help in the removal process) ;
➡️ Request removal : Once you've made the necessary fixes, it's time to request removal from the blacklist ! Head over to the SpamRats website and submit a removal request. Be sure to provide all the required details and any evidence of the corrective measures you've taken. With a bit of patience and diligence, you can get yourself off the list and back in the clear !

Tips to improve email deliverability

1 - Choose the right Domain and Extension (TLD)

Your email domain is essentially your online identity, and selecting the right one can significantly impact your email deliverability. 

Opting for a reputable domain extension like ".com" or country-specific ones such as "" instills trust and credibility among recipients and email service providers alike. 

These extensions are widely recognized and less likely to trigger spam filters compared to lesser-known or exotic extensions like ".xyz" or ".biz." By avoiding suspicious domain choices, you lay a solid foundation for successful email delivery !

2 - Set up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Records

Sender authentication protocols like SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) are essential for verifying the legitimacy of your emails. 

SPF defines which IP addresses are allowed to send emails on behalf of your domain, DKIM adds a digital signature to your emails to verify their authenticity, and DMARC provides further instructions for handling emails that fail authentication checks. 

Properly configuring these records not only boosts deliverability but also protects your domain from being spoofed or used for malicious purposes.

3 - Utilize a Custom Tracking Domain

When you send emails using an email automation tool, they often include tracking pixels to monitor recipient engagement. However, using a shared tracking domain provided by the service can have unintended consequences. 

By setting up your own custom tracking domain, you separate your email performance metrics from other users of the same service, reducing the risk of being associated with any negative sending behavior. 

This isolation enhances your email reputation and ensures accurate tracking of your campaigns' performance !

4 - Send Cold Emails from Trusted Inboxes

Your email sender reputation plays a pivotal role in determining deliverability. Email service providers like Google Workspace, Office 365 and Zoho have established themselves as trusted sources, making emails originating from their platforms more likely to land in recipients' inboxes. 

Leveraging these reputable providers not only increases the likelihood of successful delivery but also enhances the overall credibility of your email communications.

5 - Limit Cold Email Volume

How many cold emails to send per day ? Maintaining a balanced approach to email outreach is essential for preserving your sender reputation and avoiding spam designation. 

Sending excessive volumes of cold emails in a short period can raise red flags with email service providers and result in your messages being flagged as spam. 

With a reasonable sending limit, such as no more than 150 emails per day per inbox, you demonstrate responsible email practices and safeguard your deliverability rates.

6 - Embrace Email Warm-Up

Email warm-up is a proactive strategy to gradually establish and maintain a positive sender reputation. It involves gradually increasing the volume and frequency of your email sends over time to acclimate email service providers to your sending patterns and build trust. 

A comprehensive warm-up process not only prepares your email accounts for successful campaign deployment but also mitigates the risk of triggering spam filters and landing in recipients' spam folders !

Discover the best email warmup tool for a perfect deliverability !

7 - Regularly Test Your Deliverability

If you want to correctly monitor your email deliverability, you need to know that this is an ongoing process that requires continuous evaluation and adjustment

Tools like MailReach's Free Email Spam Test provide valuable insights into your emails' performance across major internet service providers. 

By regularly testing your deliverability, you can gain visibility into any issues affecting your inbox placement and can take proactive measures to address them, ensuring optimal email delivery rates and recipient engagement.

8 - Personalize everything

Personalization is key. It’s more than just inserting a recipient's name into the email body; it's about tailoring your messaging to resonate with individual recipients and foster genuine connections. 

When you segment your email list based on demographic, behavioral or transactional data, you can craft personalized content that speaks directly to each recipient's interests, needs, and preferences. 

This not only increases the likelihood of engagement but also reduces the risk of your emails being perceived as generic or spammy ! 

9 - Avoid using Spam Words

The language and tone used in your email communications can influence how they are perceived by recipients and email filters alike. 

Avoiding spam trigger words and aggressive language is essential for maintaining a positive sender reputation and maximizing deliverability. Instead, focus on clear, concise, and professional messaging that adds value to the recipient's experience. 

10 - Include an easy-to-spot Unsubscribe link in your emails

Providing recipients with a clear and easily accessible unsubscribe link is not only a legal requirement under regulations like the CAN-SPAM Act but also a best practice for maintaining sender credibility and fostering positive recipient relationships

By honoring recipients' preferences and allowing them to opt out of future communications, you demonstrate respect for their privacy and preferences

Additionally, including an unsubscribe link reduces the likelihood of recipients marking your emails as spam, which can negatively impact your sender reputation and deliverability rates. You’re welcome !

MailReach is compatible with any inbox / SMTP

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