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Mail-Tester alternative:
Use MailReach for a more reliable spam test.

Mail-Tester doesn’t check your real deliverability. Try MailReach’s Spam Tester for free and find out why it’s a more reliable solution to check and improve your inbox placement.

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Mail-Tester alternative: What is it

What is Mail-Tester?

Mail-Tester is a well known tool in the email deliverability field designed to help you increase your probability of reaching your recipients’ inboxes.

In detail, Mail-Tester gives you an email address to send your email to and, once your email is received, it’s analyzed to give you a score and a diagnostic with potential improvements you can do.

Unfortunately, you can have a perfect score on Mail-Tester (10/10) and still have a very bad deliverability and land mostly in spam.

Mail-Tester can be interesting to check your SPF, DKIM, DMARC records, HTML complexity, blacklists, links.

Beyond these checks, Mail-Tester is not a reliable way of measuring your deliverability since it does not check where your email lands on several inboxes, which is the only real way to check your email deliverability.

This is why, we’ll cover in this article, why MailReach is the best Mail-tester alternative.

Mail-Tester alternative: Comparison

Mail-Tester alternative : comparison with MailReach

MailReach’s Spam Tester


Reliable deliverability check

By checking where your email lands
on dozens of inboxes

By scanning your email without checking where it lands

Reliable spam score

Based on your deliverability
(where your email landed)

Not based on your deliverability
(but a list of checks)

Inbox placement by provider

Inbox placement by inbox type

Tracking checker

HTML checker

SPF, DKIM, DMARC checker

Links checker


3 free tests per day
Credits packs starting at $12

3 free tests per day
Credits packs starting at €5

Mail-Tester alternative

Mail-Tester : customer reviews

No reviews found on their website | mail tester alternative
No reviews found on Mail-Tester's website

Mail-Tester alternative

MailReach : customer reviews

“When you send an email, landing in spam is the worst thing that can happen. However, we never really know how to prevent it. MailReach significantly helps me to anticipate issues by analyzing my content and delivering insights on every email provider. The most reliable and transparent email spam test tool.

Photo of Paul Munos | mail tester alternative

Paul Munos

Co-Founder and COO @ Shapr talent

Star avisStar avisStar avisStar avisStar avis

“MailReach is a great help to maximize the deliverability and open rates of the email campaigns we send for dozens of companies. Excellent service.“

Photo of Siva Baskara | mail tester alternative

Siva Baskara

Head of Ecommerce @ Store&Supply

Star avisStar avisStar avisStar avisStar avis

“MailReach is the most effective and user friendly cold email deliverability solution with their email warm up tool and spam checker. Within a few weeks, we’ve seen great improvements on our outreach campaigns.”

Photo of Marion Gurtekin | mail tester alternative

Marion Gurtekin

Head of sales @ Shine

Star avisStar avisStar avisStar avisStar avis

“We’ve tried various tools and MailReach has definitely been the best for a number of reasons. They’ve really put so much thought into how spam filters work and are continuously adding features that none of the competitors are even thinking about to improve the product. I am seriously impressed and glad to be a client of theirs!”

Photo of Daniel Greaves | mail tester alternative

Daniel Greaves

CEO @ FueltoFly

Star avisStar avisStar avisStar avisStar avis

“That’s simple, MailReach has helped us multiply our cold emails open rates x2. It has became our life insurance. Their deliverability guide is a gold mine too.”

Photo of Bastien Paul | mail tester alternative

Bastien Paul

Growth @ BigBlue

Star avisStar avisStar avisStar avisStar avis
Launch spam Test

Mail-Tester alternative

Mail-Tester : how it works?

To test your email using Mail-Tester, you simply have to send your email to the email address given by Mail-Tester and click on “Check your score”.

The email address given by Mail-Tester to is automatically generated to be unique which helps them find your email specifically.

Once you have clicked on “Check your score” and you have waited several seconds, you can see your result.

A typical result from Mail-Tester is composed of a grade out of 10 and a report covering several checks.

Among the checks done by Mail-Tester, there is :

  • SpamAssassin score
  • Authentication (including SPF, DKIM, DMARC)
  • Email content check (HTML, images, etc.)
  • Blacklists check
  • Broken links check

To conclude, when you run a test using Mail-Tester, your email is scanned to find potential issues regarding your content and setup, but, unfortunately, you’re not able to check your inbox placement.

The main problem is Mail-Tester’s grade which is misleading. The most part of people using Mail-Tester trust this grade but it’s absolutely not relevant to really measure your deliverability.

Deliverability can only be measured by sending your email to a list of relevant inboxes (inboxes you really target) and analyze where your email lands on each of these inboxes.

This is exactly why you’re right to look for a Mail-Tester alternative.

Mail-Tester alternative

How MailReach Email Spam Test works?

To use MailReach’s Spam Test that’s also pretty simple but to get a much more reliable result than Mail-Tester, there’s just one small additional step.

You simply have to copy a custom code given by MailReach, paste it in your email and then send your email to a list of 30+ inboxes.

As a Mail-Tester alternative, the way MailReach scores your deliverability is much more reliable than Mail-Tester’s because it’s based on where your email lands and not only by performing a simple scan.

Once you have sent your email to the list of inboxes with the custom code inside the content, you can click on “Get your score” and then access your result.

A typical report from MailReach Email Spam Test is composed of your score with your inbox placement by provider and inbox type.

As a Mail-Tester alternative, the spam score given by MailReach is 100% based on where your email has landed on our list of 30+ inboxes.

The score is adapted depending on the type of mailboxes you target as it’s important to measure your real deliverability.

You can easily see where your email landed on Gmail, Google Workspace, Office 365,, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

You also have access to a content analysis which tells you if MailReach has detected known spam words, links problems, tracking, etc.

And as a Mail-Tester alternative, MailReach also checks that your sending setup is OK : SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Blacklists, etc.

Mail-Tester alternative: The better choice

Why MailReach is more effective as a Mail-Tester alternative?

A man showings a check mark | mail tester alternative

MailReach as a Mail-Tester alternative :
Get a reliable spam score.

You can get a score of 10/10 on Mail-Tester and still land mostly in spam. Mail-Tester score is misleading to measure deliverability since it’s only based on a scan.

Unlike Mail-Tester, MailReach scores your deliverability by checking where your email lands on a list of mailboxes, which is the only reliable way to measure deliverability.

As a Mail-Tester alternative, the spam score given by MailReach is reliable, non biased and is really based on your deliverability.

MailReach as a Mail-Tester alternative :
Find out your inbox placement by provider.

Unlike Mail-Tester, when using MailReach’s Spam Checker you send your email to 30+ inboxes on the most important inbox providers.

MailReach, as a Mail-Tester alternative, looks for your email in each of these inboxes and tells you where your email landed for each inbox. You can’t have this precious information using Mail-Tester.

Find out how you’re performing on each provider : Gmail, Google Workspace, Office 365, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, which is not possible with Mail-Tester.

Inbox placement by provider | mail tester alternative
Image/text ratio rest | mail tester alternative

MailReach as a Mail-Tester alternative :
Get a helpful diagnostic to improve your score.

Mail-Tester gives a limited diagnostic which doesn’t cover all the most important elements to check.

Unlike Mail-Tester which does a SpamAssassin check (which is not the best to measure deliverability), MailReach checks for known spam words that can harm your deliverability.

MailReach checks the tracking inserted in your email which is a strong spam filtering factor. Mail-Tester doesn’t check this.

MailReach as a Mail-Tester alternative : make up your own mind

The best option remains to try MailReach as a Mail-Tester alternative and compare both to see which one is closest to the reality of the results you have from your campaigns.

You can do 3 free spam tests per 24 hours and if you need more, you are free to buy credits, like Mail-Tester.

But compared to Mail-Tester, you can count on MailReach’s Spam Test to take the temperature on your deliverability and improve it 💪.

A guy looking at two mail testing solutions | mail tester alternative

Mail-Tester alternative: Faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using MailReach's Spam Tester more complex than Mail-Tester?

Using MailReach as a Mail-Tester alternative is as easy as using Mail-Tester! There’s only one additional step to launch a spam test but this step is necessary to provide the best reliability.

When using Mail-Tester, you send your email to a single email address whereas when using MailReach, you send your email to a list of inboxes.

This is why MailReach is a more reliable Mail-Tester alternative: it scores your deliverability based on where your email lands on 30+ inboxes and gives you a spam score adapted to the inbox type you target.

Can I use MailReach's Email Spam Test for free?

As a Mail-Tester alternative, you can use MailReach Email Spam Test for free, 3 times per day.

Each 24 hours, you have 3 free credits and if you need, you can buy more credits to run more tests, keep track of your progress history and optimize your deliverability.

Here’s the official page of our Email Spam Test.

How to switch to MailReach's Spam Tester if I'm using Mail-Tester?

If you’re looking for a Mail-Tester alternative and want to switch from Mail-Tester to MailReach, you just have to start using MailReach, that’s all.

There’s nothing special to do, no “migration” or whatever.

If you want, you’re even totally free to use MailReach and Mail-Tester.

But keep in mind that if you want to check / measure your deliverability, Mail-Tester is insufficient as it doesn’t test your email on real inboxes. You were right to look for a Mail-Tester alternative 🙂

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