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How many cold emails to send per day ? Our guide (2024)

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Spam filters are limiting the number of cold emails that you can send per day. Details about cold emailing limits and our tips to automate the process.


Welcome to our guide about the ideal number of cold emails to send each day. 

Our goal ? Help marketers to optimize their outreach efforts for maximum efficiency. We'll cover everything you need to know to strike the right balance between reaching your target audience and avoiding the spam folder.

➡️ How many cold emails can you send per day without activating spam filters ?
➡️ How can you create automated cold email campaigns ?
➡️ What are the other limits to keep in mind ?

Here is what you need to know about cold emailing !

What’s cold emailing ?

Cold emailing is a marketing strategy where you reach out to potential customers or clients via email, even if they haven't expressed prior interest in your product or service. In this way, you can introduce your offering to new prospects and start a conversation. 

Understanding the right number of emails to send is especially important, because sending too few might not yield enough results, while sending too many could lead to your emails being marked as spam. 

Understanding email sending limits

ESP-specific sending limits

ESP-specific sending limits refer to the maximum number of emails you can send per day using a particular Email Service Provider (ESP), such as Gmail, Outlook or others. 

These limits vary depending on the ESP you’re using, and while they provide official guidelines, sticking to these limits doesn't guarantee successful email delivery. 

For instance, Google Workspace allows sending up to 2000 emails per day, but if you send 2000 cold emails daily, you're likely to end up in the recipients' spam folders within a week. 

💡 Even if there are official sending limits, they are not the ultimate factor determining successful email delivery !

Instead, we recommend you to focus on sending a reasonable volume of emails, which is key to achieving positive outcomes. Keep in mind that sending around 100 emails per day per email address is a recommended limit for better chances of landing in recipients' inboxes over the long term, regardless of your chosen ESP.

The role of your sender reputation

The role of your sender reputation is paramount when determining how many cold emails to send per day. Your sender reputation significantly impacts your sending capabilities, as it directly correlates with the volume of emails you can effectively deliver. 

Sender reputation is primarily based on the level of engagement your emails receive from recipients. The more engagement you garner, such as opens, replies, stars and removals from spam folders, the higher your reputation becomes.

In 2024, leveraging email warmup is essential to establish a favorable sender reputation. Email warmup involves gradually increasing your email sending volume to build trust with email service providers and improve engagement rates. So, when you use an email warmup tool such as the one proposed by Mailreach, you can ensure that your emails are received positively by recipients, leading to higher engagement levels.

Remember that sending a modest volume of around 100 emails per day, combined with implementing email warmup practices, enables you to achieve a sufficiently high engagement rate !

Warming up your email account

Warming up your email account is a huge step in the email marketing process, as it directly impacts your sender reputation and ultimately determines whether your emails reach recipients' inboxes.

The process of email warmup is straightforward yet powerful. Instead of immediately sending a large volume of emails, you start by sending a small number of emails per day, gradually increasing the volume over several days or weeks. This gradual ramp-up allows you to gauge recipient engagement and establish a positive sender reputation.

The benefits of email warmup are significant : 

✅ Enhance your sender reputation, by generating engagement through gradually increasing your email sending volume,. 

✅ Improve your email deliverability, because as your sender reputation improves, email service providers are more likely to view your emails favorably and deliver them to recipients' inboxes rather than marking them as spam.

Example 1 :

💡 Let's say you're starting a new email marketing campaign. Instead of sending 500 cold emails on the first day, you begin by sending just 20 emails per day for the first week.

➡️ As you monitor engagement metrics such as opens, replies, and spam reports, you gradually increase the sending volume to 50 emails per day in the second week

➡️ Then 100 emails per day in the third week, and so on.

Example 2 :

💡 Now, let's say you're a freelancer who wants to reach out to potential clients via email.

➡️ 1st week, you start by sending just 10 personalized emails per day to your target clients.
➡️ As the second week begins, you gradually increase your sending volume to 20 emails per day.
➡️ In the third week, you further increase your sending volume to 30 emails per day. At this point, you notice that more recipients are opening your emails, replying to your messages, and showing interest in your services.

How to send 2,000 cold emails a day ?

In order to send 2,000 cold emails a day efficiently, it's essential to employ the "Multi Sender" technique. Since the recommended daily limit for cold emails per address is 100, achieving a volume of 2,000 requires distributing this workload across multiple sending addresses. 

Ideally, these addresses should span several domains to diversify your outreach efforts and mitigate the risk of spam. Here's a practical approach to achieve this :

✅ Limit Daily Sends per Address : Aim to send a maximum of 150 cold emails per day from each sending address. This ensures you maintain a good cold email deliverability rate while still reaching a significant number of recipients.
✅ Minimize Sending Addresses per Domain : You need to minimize the number of sending addresses per domain, with one address being the ideal scenario. This helps reduce the risk of being flagged as spam, prevents spam contamination, and preserves your cold email deliverability.
✅ Warm Up Sending Addresses : Before sending out cold emails in bulk, do not forget to warm up each sending address. Use tools like MailReach or implement warming activities that represent at least 15% of your sending volume. 

💡 MailReach, when set to autopilot mode, typically sends around 50 warming emails per day per address. This gradual warmup helps you to establish a positive sender reputation and guarantee a high engagement rate for your cold email outreach !


Here are the main things to keep in mind about cold emailing and how many cold emails to send per day :

🔎 Strategic Planning : Cold emailing requires strategic planning and execution to maximize effectiveness. While adhering to recommended sending limits and employing warming techniques, you can improve your email deliverability and your engagement rates ;

🔎 Multi-Sender Technique : Utilizing the Multi-Sender technique allows for scaling up cold email outreach while maintaining sender reputation. Distributing sending volume across multiple addresses and domains reduces the risk of being marked as spam ;

🔎 Sender Reputation Management : Managing sender reputation is paramount for successful cold emailing, thanks to warm-up activities and the respect of daily sending limits that help to maintain a positive reputation with email service providers ;

🔎 Engagement Optimization : Focusing on engagement metrics such as opens, replies, and spam reports is essential for evaluating the effectiveness of cold email campaigns. Then, adjusting your strategies regarding the recipient responses to improve your overall campaign performance ;

🔎 Continuous Improvement : Cold emailing is an ongoing process that requires continuous evaluation and refinement. Regularly monitor results, adapt strategies, and incorporate feedback to optimize future outreach efforts ;

🔎 Personalization and Relevance : Tailor cold email content to resonate with recipients' needs and interests. The key : the personalization and relevance of your emails, in order to increase the likelihood of engagement and foster positive relationships with prospects ;

🔎 Long-Term Outlook : Finally, remember to adopt a long-term perspective when approaching cold email outreach. Building genuine connections and nurturing relationships over time leads to sustained success and business growth !

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