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GlockApps alternative:
Choose MailReach for better results.

GlockApps is a good but incomplete solution. Try MailReach and find out why it’s a more effective solution to test and improve your deliverability.

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GlockApps alternative

What is GlockApps?

GlockApps is an email deliverability service that helps companies improve their probability of reaching their recipients’ inboxes.

GlockApps is composed of several services : email deliverability testing (inbox insights), DMARC analytics and uptime monitor.

The deliverability tester helps you find out your inbox placement and get insights from GlockApps to improve your deliverability.

Using GlockApps can be helpful to test and monitor your deliverability, but we consider it to be incomplete in order to maximize your results.

GlockApps vs MailReach, let’s jump in.


GlockApps alternative

GlockApps vs MailReach



Email warming to boost email reputation (for B2B cold emailing)

Reliable deliverability testing method (by sending an email to a list of inboxes)

Significant number of professional inboxes to provide reliable results

8+ Google Workspace inboxes
8+ Office365 / Exchange inboxes

Only 1 Google Workspace inbox
Only 1 Office365 / Exchange inbox

Tracking checker

Links checker

DMARC analytics


3 free tests per day (no account needed)
Credits pack starting at $12 for 25 tests

3 free tests (account needed)
Plans starting at $10 / month : 17 tests.

GlockApps alternative

MailReach : customer reviews

“When you send an email, landing in spam is the worst thing that can happen. However, we never really know how to prevent it. MailReach significantly helps me to anticipate issues by analyzing my content and delivering insights on every email provider. The most reliable and transparent email spam test tool.

Glockapps alternative | 5 étoiles
Co-Founder & COO @ Shapr Talent
Paul Munos
Paul Munos picture | Glockapps alternative

“MailReach is a great help to maximize the deliverability and open rates of the email campaigns we send for dozens of companies. Excellent service.

Head of Ecommerce @ Store&Supply
Siva Baskara
siva baskara picture | GlockApps alternative
siva baskara picture | GlockApps alternative

“That’s simple, MailReach has helped us multiply our cold emails open rates x2. It has became our life insurance. Their deliverability guide is a gold mine too.”

bastien paul | GlockApps alternative
Growth @ BigBlue
Bastien Paul
bastien paul | GlockApps alternative

“MailReach is a concrete, reliable and easy-to-use email warm up and email spam test solution. Within a short period of time, I’ve seen great improvements for the outbound lead generation of my clients.”

Sales Strategy Consultant
Marion Gurtekin
marion gurtekin picture | GlockApps alternative
marion gurtekin picture | GlockApps vs MailReach

“We’ve tried various tools and MailReach has definitely been the best for a number of reasons. They’ve really put so much thought into how spam filters work and are continuously adding features that none of the competitors are even thinking about to improve the product. I am seriously impressed and glad to be a client of theirs!”

daniel greaves picture | GlockApps alternative
CEO @ FueltoFly
Daniel Greaves
daniel greaves picture | GlockApps vs MailReach

GlockApps alternative

How GlockApps and MailReach work?

How does GlockApps work?

First, GlockApps offers several features : inbox insights, DMARC analytics and uptime monitor.

We’ll focus here on GlockApps’ inbox insights feature, which helps you check your deliverability and get insights to improve it.

GlockApps’ inbox insights is a spam checking feature designed to see where where your emails are delivered at Gmail, Outlook and other ISPs.

To use GlockApps’ inbox insights, you first have to select the email providers for which you want to check your deliverability.

You can choose all, or focus on Business US, Popular US, Canada, Europe, Russia, Brazil, etc.

Once it’s done, GlockApps asks you to copy a code and paste it inside your email body and then send your email to a seed list.

A typical GlockApps report is composed of a score out of 100 with your email placement and a list of different checks.

One of the main cons of GlockApps’ deliverability tester is the very limited number of professional inboxes checked compared to personal inboxes.

There’s only one Exchange (Office 365) inbox and one Google Workspace (G Suite) inbox checked when using GlockApps.

On the other side, when selecting all mailboxes, there are too many personal inboxes compared to the business ones.

This can bias the results as people may think they’re landing in spam on all Outlook (professional and personal), whereas they’re only landing in spam on inboxes.

As a result, when running B2B campaigns, GlockApps’ mailboxes distribution is not optimal to give a really accurate deliverability report.

How MailReach works?

First, MailReach is composed of two main features : a powerful email warm up service nd a spam checker (email spam test with insights).

The email warm up service raises your sending reputation to maximize your deliverability by generating positive interactions to your email activity.

The Spam Checker helps you test the deliverability of your own emails, find out where you land on the major providers and get insights to improve your inbox placement.

To run a deliverability test, you simply have to copy a custom code given by MailReach and paste it inside your email body.

Once it’s done, send your email to a list of 30+ inboxes. Important, this list of inboxes has been carefully chosen to be representative of the market shares.

Once you have added the custom code in your email and sent it to the list of addresses, you can click on “Get your score” and then find out your result.

A typical report from MailReach’s Spam Checker is composed of your spam score with the detail of your inbox placement by provider and inbox type (professional and personal inboxes).

The score adapts according on the type of mailboxes you target. That’s very important to have an accurate picture of your real deliverability.

You can see where your email landed on Gmail, Google Workspace, Office 365,, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

MailReach also analyzes your email content and sending setup : spam words, links, HTML, tracking, DNS records, blacklists, etc.

GlockApps alternative

Why is MailReach a better choice?

Glockapps alternative | A man checking the deliverability of his emails.

GlockApps alternative

MailReach as a GlockApps alternative :
Get a more accurate picture of your deliverability.

Unlike GlockApps, MailReach allows you to test your deliverability towards 16 professional mailboxes. 8 G Suite and 8 Office 365 versus only 1 G Suite and 1 Office 365 mailbox using GlockApps.

MailReach, has a more balanced seed list for a B2B use case. This seed list is based on market shares.

This is important to have an accurate, unbiased vision of your true deliverability.

Get a complete B2B cold email deliverability solution with MailReach

When you mainly send cold emails to professional (B2B), running spam tests is not enough to have and maintain a high deliverability.

MailReach, unlike GlockApps, offers a very powerful email warm up service to maximize your sending reputation and deliverability.

Deliverability testing combined to email warming is THE optimal setup to reach the inbox and stay there in the long run for a B2B cold emailing use case.

Glockapps alternative | A man finding out his inbox placement.

GlockApps alternative

Glockapps alternative | A man reading a diagnostic to improve her spam score.

GlockApps alternative

MailReach vs GlockApps : make up your own mind

You can easily try GlockApps and MailReach for free.

Unlike GlockApps which requires to create an account to run spam tests, you can do your first test right now with MailReach.

Between MailReach and GlockApps, what’s the best solution for your needs? You decide.

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