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Check email spam score with the #1 free email spam test

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How does it look? Check our example test

Check email spam score

Want to check email spam score?

You’re at the good place. 

By using our email spam test, you’ll be able to check email spam score in minutes.

To check email spam score, you simply have to prepare your email, copy / paste the custom code inside the email body and send your email to the list of email addresses above.

You will get a free detailed report with : where your email landed on 30+ inboxes on the most important inbox providers, your spam score and an analysis to help you improve your score.

dashboard of a client who check email spam score with mailreach

Check email spam score

Get a reliable, non biased, spam score.

To check email spam score, you’ll be asked to choose the type of inboxes you target (professional, personal or both) as spam filters work differently depending the inbox type (professional vs personal use). 

In addition, the repartition of the test mailboxes is done according to the market shares of the inbox providers.

That’s really important to check email spam score the most reliable way.

Check email spam score

Find out where your emails land on the major mailbox providers.

In addition to checking your email spam score, find out where you land on 30+ inboxes across the most important mailbox providers. 

Find out how you’re performing on, Google Workspace, Outlook, Office365, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

a picture of emails received | check emails spam score with mailreach
A guy sitting looking at a graph after check email spam score
Check email spam score

Get no bullshit insights to improve your email spam score.

Our email spam score checker gives you concrete guidelines to improve your deliverability.

MailReach looks for potential spam words, checks your SPF, DKIM, DMARC records, links, HTML complexity, image / text ratio, etc.

Check email spam score

Improve your emails, raise your open rates and make more sales.

Use our email spam checker to iterate and make changes to your email until you get the best email spam score and thus, inbox placement.

Get much better open, click, reply and lead rates. Enjoy making more sales and grow your business.

A guy with a credit card | check email spam score with mailreach

Check email spam score

An email spam test trusted by thousands of ambitious emailers.

“When you send an email, landing in spam is the worst thing that can happen. However, we never really know how to prevent it. MailReach significantly helps me to anticipate issues by analyzing my content and delivering insights on every email provider. The most reliable tool to check email spam score.

Co-Founder & COO @ Shapr Talent
Paul Munos

“MailReach is a great help to maximize the deliverability and open rates of the email campaigns we send for dozens of companies. Excellent service.

Head of Ecommerce @ Store&Supply
Siva Baskara

“That’s simple, MailReach has helped us multiply our cold emails open rates x2. It has became our life insurance. Their deliverability guide is a gold mine too.”

Growth @ BigBlue
Bastien Paul
bastien paul
“MailReach is a concrete, reliable and easy-to-use email warm up and email spam test solution. Within a short period of time, I’ve seen great improvements for the outbound lead generation of my clients.”
Sales Strategy Consultant
Marion Gurtekin

“We’ve tried various tools and MailReach has definitely been the best for a number of reasons. They’ve really put so much thought into how spam filters work and are continuously adding features that none of the competitors are even thinking about to improve the product. I am seriously impressed and glad to be a client of theirs!”

CEO @ FueltoFly
Daniel Greaves

Check email spam score

The best email spam test to check email spam score

a guy looking a graph after check email spam score

spam score

Check email spam score the most reliable way.

a guy pointing a graph after check email spam score

Inbox placement
by provider

Find out where you land on the major inbox providers.

a guy looking his mail after check email spam score

DMARC checker

Check if your SPF, DKIM & DMARC are properly set up.

a girl with a check point walking | check email spam score


Our email spam test checks if you’re listed in blacklists.

two girls linking their results - check email spam score


The email spam test checks for insecure or broken links. 

a guy looking a page code | check email spam score


The email spam test checks the complexity of your HTML. 

a girl looking a mail before sending it | check email spam score

Spam words

Find out if your email contains potential spam words.

a girl looking at an email | check email spam score

Image / text

Make sure to have a good image / text ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions
 about using a spam test

How do I check email spam score using MailReach?

To check email spam score, you simply have to :

1. Copy the code given by MailReach in your email (to help MailReach find your email).

2. Copy the list of inboxes given by MailReach and send your email to this list. (doing an email spam test by sending to a list of several inboxes is much more reliable than to a single one).

3. Click on ‘Get your score’ to find out your result and check email spam score. You’ll then discover where your email landed on 30+ different mailboxes and recommendations to improve your spam score.

Important : 

To check email spam score of your current email campaigns, you have to run the spam test in the same conditions as if you were sending an email to one of your recipients.

That means using your campaign sending tool with same email content.

This is how you check email spam score of your real campaigns.

What if I can't follow MailReach recommendations after checking my email spam score?

After checking your email spam score, there is always a way to follow the recommendations of the deliverability report.

If you can’t follow them directly, you can share the deliverability report to someone in your team or company who has the ability to apply the changes recommended by MailReach. 

In all cases, even if you can’t follow all the recommendations of the email spam test, it gives you a reliable way to check email spam score and measure your deliverability to know precisely where you stand. 

How to get a 10/10 email spam score?

Having 10/10 as email spam score means having a perfect deliverability with the email and setup you’ve tested.

First, you have to know that in some cases, you just can’t hit an email spam score of 10/10 because of the type of emails you send.

It does not mean you can’t have a perfect email spam score / deliverability towards the inboxes you target with your email campaigns.

Today, you can land 100% in the inbox on professional inboxes (Office 365, Google Workspace) and at the same time land in spam on personal inboxes such as,,

Why? Because they don’t filter spam the same way AND the email providers can put you in spam because you send business emails to a private inbox which is not supposed to happen.

In all cases, if you have an email spam score below 10/10, the best things you can do to improve your score are:

– Make changes to your email and/or sending setup until the email spam test gives you a higher email spam score.

– Raise your sending reputation with email warming if needed until you get a better email spam score.

What do I do with the email spam test results?

First, you can share the deliverability report with the email spam score to anyone that might be interested to see it.

According to your email spam score and the report you get, several scenarios can happen : 

Best scenario : you get a 10/10 email spam score which means a perfect deliverability. That’s great. Make sure you have all the green lights in the Content and Setup Analysis. 

Second scenario : You have a lower score but all the lights are green. In that case, it can be a sending reputation problem AND/OR spam words that can’t be detected by MailReach AND/OR you sending tool (sending IP, tracking domain, etc.)

In that case, you can launch a new email spam test with a normal / casual email inviting someone for a call (two sentences max), without using any sending tool, to see if you get a better score.

Third scenario : the email spam test gives a lower score and MailReach gives you things you can improve. In that case, make the changes and run the email spam test again until you see improvements.

Check email spam score

What is MailReach?

MailReach is an email deliverability solution helping companies get better results from their cold email campaigns.

Combining smart email warming and deliverability testing, MailReach helps you improve your email reputation, deliverability and thus opening rates.

MailReach is composed of passionate emailers who have spent a lot of time and money solving spam issues for companies and who are now determined to help others reach the inbox.

Check email spam score

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